Working as a consultant at Taylor Airey is an experience like nowhere else. The reason we make a difference is down to our people. Determination, a thirst to learn and the desire to be there for when it counts, for clients, colleagues and our wider community.

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We foster a supportive, employee focused culture where you can challenge yourself to develop personally and professionally as quickly and broadly as you want to…
As a member of the Taylor Airey team you will be given the opportunity to drive your career and thrive in everything you do.

Taylor Airey aims to become the first choice for global transport clients when they need to resolve challenging issues in a growingly diverse range of sectors, providing opportunities for all of its staff to develop to their full potential.

We encourage the personal growth of our empowered staff through continuous professional development and ensure that Taylor Airey is  recognised as a place where our staff want to work.

We hire people with a range of specialisms who have experience of applying their skills and insights in a transportation context.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your career journey; what’s important is a desire to make a difference. Are you keen to work alongside talented people who share your commitment to quality and passion to deliver results? If you’re ready for a new challenge, talk to us today.

Taylor Airey offers a consultant training programme which will equip you with the skills and experience to support your journey to being one of our leaders.

As well as a highly competitive starting salary, generous bonus and pension scheme, you will receive significant responsibility straight away, with active participation on real client-facing projects. You’ll get the chance to develop, learn and make a difference, all the time helping our team solve the transportation industry’s most challenging problems.

Bronwyn King
Senior Consultant

Bronwyn King, Senior Consultant, joined 2019

Life at Taylor Airey

“I’m Bronwyn, Senior Consultant at Taylor Airey”

Why Taylor Airey?
I got a really good feeling about the professionalism and culture at the assessment centre and interview and this really appealed to me. It was immediately made clear the supportive nature of the company and people! Taylor Airey is unique in that you are exposed to projects and given responsibility from the outset, allowing me the opportunity to work with highly experienced, motivated professionals. I also love that I am able to work in a sector I am passionate about.

What is it like to work at Taylor Airey?
During my first six months at Taylor Airey, I have worked with clients across rail and aviation working with many levels of varying organisations. I’ve been involved in a variety of projects, ranging from operating expenditure analysis and data collection to supporting franchise bid writing. We work closely and flexibly in partnership with clients to truly deliver a difference, which makes me feel like we are genuinely contributing to the client’s benefit.

What is your proudest moment to date?
Completing my first project has been a highlight of my time so far at Taylor Airey. Everyone’s hard work coming together combined with great client feedback made all the effort worthwhile.

What is your career aim/ why consultancy?
I wanted a career that was varied, where I could help people and be able to fulfil my aim to be challenged. I felt a career in consultancy would provide the dynamic and client-centred environment I was looking for. My career aim is ultimately to be successful within the industry and I feel that the training and mentoring available from the professional team at Taylor Airey will continue to support my progression.

David Shaw
Senior Consultant

David Shaw,  Senior Consultant

Life at Taylor Airey

“I’m Dave, in my third year as a consultant at Taylor Airey”

Why Taylor Airey?
Coming from an engineering background out of University, it was important to me to be able to apply the knowledge gained within a varied workplace that would support my development across a number of skills and, ultimately, towards Chartership. It was clear from the offset that the calibre of projects Taylor Airey was involved with, along with the professionalism and collaborative nature of the team, that the environment Taylor Airey has created would support this development.

What is it like to work at Taylor Airey?
So far, I have been involved with a wide range of projects across the rail industry, working directly within client teams, as well as supporting a wider Taylor Airey team on particular projects. This has taken me to various client sites across the UK and Europe, such as rail depots and manufacturing sites, taking the knowledge gained through projects and courses and applying this to real-world applications. The expert team at Taylor Airey has massively helped in my development, both with core consultancy skills as well as with technical project topics, supported by the regular courses the team has encouraged me to attend.

What is your proudest moment to date?
A highlight of my time at Taylor Airey so far has been the recent involvement with a large UK rail project, for which our deliverables received great feedback from the client, as well as from others within the team.

What is your career aim/ why consultancy?
I want a career that constantly challenges me to develop my skills and knowledge. Working in consultancy enables this by presenting a diverse, dynamic environment with new challenges to overcome and knowledge to be gained with each evolving project. The backing of the experienced team at Taylor Airey support my goals, with mentoring and professional development a key focus of the wider team, driven by my own professional needs and aspirations.

Katie Lloyd

Katie Lloyd, Consultant

Why Taylor Airey?
After meeting several members of the Taylor Airey Team during the application and interview process, I had a good understanding of the company culture and the passion the people have for the company and their assignments. The support and professional development I would receive through my mentor, Buddy, and the wider team from day one really stood out to me. Working at Taylor Airey provides opportunities to use the skills I have developed through university modules to tackle real-world problems within the rail and aviation industries which are such interesting and dynamic sectors. Taylor Airey’s work covers a varied range and scale of projects, allowing me the opportunity to expand my industry knowledge and gain exposure to a number of new and existing clients, whilst working alongside an experienced team.  

What is it like to work at Taylor Airey?
At Taylor Airey I have been given responsibility and exposure right from the start. Within my first three months I have already worked on several diverse projects within different teams. This experience ranges from rolling stock sales support for a client, involving research and analysis of different fleet types to working on a maintenance delivery strategy evaluation which required me to collate and analyse data, draft sections of a report and attend meetings at multiple client sites.  

The Taylor Airey team pride ourselves on excellent establishment of client relationships. Our attitude to each assignment makes me feel like my work is contributing towards meeting and exceeding our clients’ needs, resulting in clear benefits. The range of work opportunities I have been exposed to supports my professional development as I am able to learn so much whilst on the job, as well as gaining satisfaction through receiving positive client feedback and seeing the great results of our work! 

What is your proudest moment to date?
Writing up sections of the report for one of my first projects where I had to understand a lot of new technical knowledge was a proud moment for me. I felt a great sense of achievement when it was completed, and it was very rewarding seeing the whole project coming together, thanks to the whole team effort. 

My highlight so far at Taylor Airey has been the Team trip to Berlin in my third week of work to attend the InnoTrans exhibition for two days. This exposed me to all areas of the rail industry, ranging form exploring inside the latest developments in rolling stock models, including sitting inside the drivers’ cab, to novel and innovative seat designs! During my time in Berlin, I was able to meet some of our existing clients, network with a range of industry professionals including organising my own meetings with suppliers to conduct a market research task and get to know my new colleagues.  

What is your career aim/ why consultancy?

I wanted a career where my work makes a positive, real-world impact, as well as having the opportunity to continuously learn and improve in the sector. A career in consultancy challenges me with a variety of project work and client exposure which expands my industry knowledge and allows me to build my career. Throughout my Geography degree I developed a wide skill set including problem solving, quantitative and qualitative analysis and critical thinking, which are all transferable and useful for the role and therefore I felt well prepared to begin a career in consultancy.   

Ultimately, I would like to learn from my colleagues and eventually specialise down a certain route, which I know I will be able to do thanks to the first-hand experience and support from the rest of the Taylor Airey team.

Taylor Airey’s commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion

Taylor Airey became a signatory of the Women in Rail and Rail Industry Association Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) charter in 2021. The EDI charter aligns with our stated aim of providing equal opportunities for our workforce to develop to their full potential.  We are committed to providing an inclusive workplace where everyone feels welcomed, respected and valued.

Our Equality Policy aims to provide equality and fairness for our workforce.  To achieve our equality objectives, Taylor Airey will:

  • create an environment in which individual differences and the contributions of all our staff are recognised and valued;
  • take the necessary steps to provide every employee with a working environment that promotes dignity and respect to all;
  • provide training, development and progression opportunities to all staff; and
  • continually review all our employment practices and procedures to ensure fairness.

We have established an EDI team to promote equality, diversity and inclusion within the organisation.  This is supported by an EDI action plan which has been developed using feedback and suggestions from the workforce.  We continually monitor progress against our action plan and annually review the plan to ensure it remains relevant.

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