Taylor Airey

Environment and Sustainability Policy Statement

At Taylor Airey, we are dedicated to responsible management and view this as vital for the long-term profitability of our business.  Taylor Airey operates a sustainable business model, which relies upon our social and environmental commitments.

Our social commitments

We value the breadth in perspectives and outlook that a diverse workforce can provide.  We encourage diversity through our recruitment practices and the culture we foster.  We will provide a comfortable working environment for our staff and encourage their personal growth through continuous professional development.  We reward good performance.

We do not tolerate bribery or other forms of corruption and pro-actively manage conflicts of interest (real or perceived).  Staff are made aware of duties and responsibilities in this regard.  Performance and training requirements are appraised at regular intervals.

Our environmental commitments

We will establish and maintain an environmental management system that seeks to protect the environment, prevent pollution, promote sustainable resource use and mitigate the impact of our activities on the environment, while complying with all applicable legislation and obligations.

We will continually review our business processes to identify any impacts on the environment, and to ensure that these impacts are minimised.  We will determine and maintain a set of objectives appropriate to our business alongside a set of measurable indicators to monitor our performance.  This provides a framework for setting and monitoring our environmental objectives.

All our employees are encouraged to participate in the review, and continuous improvement of, our sustainability practices.  All are made aware of duties and responsibilities, and performance and training requirements are appraised at regular intervals.


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